Saturday, July 18, 2009

Forever XX1's Home Collection

Ikea might have some competition. Word on the street is that Forever 21 will debut a home and beauty collection later on this year. Details have not been released yet but they will be in the larger stores. On Forever 21's official twitter they said "It is true. Although there is no set launch date just yet...we are currently in very early stages of development." I think it'll be great to see some trendy home decor from them. Now I'll be able to change up my room depending on my mood.Also I hate spending a lot of money on beauty items like mascara that expires in a few months so this will be neat to try.


  1. My internship is good! Its more geared towards fashion merchandising majors but it has been good to learn about merchandising and visual as well as being in charge of a Nordstrom fashion show which I was head stylist so it has had its learning experiences- and its paid!

  2. I had no idea about this but I am intrigued! The hand you asked about, my dad actually works at a place where they have them to make gloves, so he dug this one up that had never been used and sent it to me. However, I've heard that they sell them at Fish Eddy's and you can probably find some nice vintage ones on ebay. :)




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