Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Most Wanted Pants!

There's no denying these pants are the hottest selling item right now! With their skinny fit and modern twist on the cargo pants these J Brand Houlihan pants are hot! From the New York Times,

"Since the end of January, its manufacturer, J Brand, has sold more than 75,000 pairs of the style and has 40,000 pairs on back order. “In 33 years I’ve never shipped anything like this,” Jeff Rudes, the founder and chief executive of J Brand, said this week, noting that some customers have offered to prepay for the $230 style."

But with a retail price of $230 these are definitely a splurge! Luckily I found a similar pair that resembles this same look for half the price tag!
These Chelsea & Violet Skinny Cargo Pants retail for $118 and make a great alternative.

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