Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chanel you might have something here...

Once I saw the promo images of Chanel Paradoxal Nail Lacquer I had to see it swatched!! I checked out one of my fav nail blogs, and tah-dah!! The promo images just don't do justice. This color is a unique mix of muave, gray, and plum with a violet shimmer (lol my color interpretation) and will be everywhere! Remember the mint nail color? Yes, this will get the same lovin. I must throw in that Chanel doesn't get the best reviews on their lacquers staying power and for $23 this might be one of the few things most of us can afford from Chanel. Either way it's a beauty!



  1. Love this color! I'm ashamed to say I bought two bottles of Chanel Particulere months ago and have yet to use it!

  2. Whatttt!! Lol. That's such a pretty shade. Hopefully you will rock it soon, it's a great color to transition into the fall! ;)



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